Wild Card Wednesday: I Love Witnessing The Simple Joys of Life

I am so in love with watching family life evolve around me as I work 1:1 with my tutoring clients. I work with the individual students at the dining room table, and their lives and backpacks and soccer shoes and art materials and dogs are at our feet, next to us on the table, hanging on hooks. It’s the most precious thing, to be invited to be a member of the family as a tutoring caregiver.

Two classes in the library
This was both our classes today. HOWEVER, this is how many I had last year in my class alone.

I am also in love with knowing the children of my district as they move on through our program from Kindergarten beyond. I love standing in the bus lane while children depart for the day, happy to be going home, and high five kiddos, remind them to walk, ask them how they are doing, what’s up with mom or grandma, connect.

I’m so fortunate to be able to witness growth of other people that I was a part of.

It’s the biggest gift to know I was a part of watching a child learning how to grow up, to watch them and their family as they develop.

It’s such a lesson in grace and love, the work of an educator. I am fortunate beyond measure.

Thank you.

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