Sunday Full of Grace: trailer collage

I can see the artist statement coming already. “The year she lived in a trailer she collaged the entire thing with art she cut out of magazines and it became the path that led her out of pain and into the light.” I feel like my light was being dimmed in my last relationship. I was a character in a story that I was just ghost writing. Inside myself I was telling another story. The story of a woman coming alive with the fullness of who she is, the story of a woman thriving on her terms. Bursting open. Alone.

I just watched Into the Wild and Wild and I understand what they both were doing more than any other awakening story or movie. Alone. Just alone. “Now I walk.”

I’m not going to hike the PCT or live in the Yukon alone (hell no), but passing through this time is just going to have to be as much in my mind and heart as possible. To find my way fully into myself.

There is no room at all for a partner anymore. I want friends and connections, but I want to live alone.

I’ll just keep cutting out pictures and pasting them together. I always look back at collages and can feel what I was feeling then. Collage was my foray into mixed media painting. It is something I can do in my little space. The whole thing is my canvas. #trailerlife #rvlife #boondocking #survive #strength #beauty #spiritualawakening #bewhoyouare #bewhoyouwanttobe

#authentic #authenticlife #artist #eugeneartist #collage

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