We got to Montana on Monday night at 11:30. I’ve been here 4 days and what I’ve managed to accomplish already is LEGEND-ARY. (I hear Neil Patrick Harris in my head when I say that word.)

I have done the following tasks since Tuesday morning at 1 AM:

  • Backed this insanely long trailer (27″ plus the 3-4′ hitch) into my driveway. EPIC.
  • Met with electrician (Brian the cool and multi-talented dude)
  • Talked with the plumber about installation of the tub, sink.
  • Went to Habitat Restore and scored a soaking tub and a pedestal sink for under $100.
  • Called a septic inspection/pumping company and scheduled that work for next week (hopefully)
  • Scheduled a bid for a back fence on the alley
  • Met with a hardwood flooring installer to get a bid should my floors be unsalvageable
  • Got things like garbage cans, soap, groceries, contractor garbage bags
  • Two trips to Home Depot to get tile samples, a few tools, joint compound and tape, 5 gallons of KILZ, painting supplies, etc.
  • Got approval from my lender with OCCU to refinance the trailer into my name only. !!!!!!!!!!! Phew.
  • Dealt with the MOPI (Montana Office of Public Instruction is the MT version of Oregon’s TSPC) about my license stuff.
  • Met with my realtor Kelly Mapston (she is THE REAL DEAL!) She brought me a 6 pack of Coors short bottles and a pic of me signing for the house in Art’s office at CLES. #soulmate
  • Got a bid for tree surgery, and then scheduled the arborist to do the work
  • The arborist came to take down the Siberian Elm limb that was impeding on the power line. The electric company wouldn’t allow the electrician to do my service change without it. They also took out branches from one in the front that were hanging low over my driveway.
  • Met with my old friend Annette from La Val’s and the Yaak. She is a native of Billings (!) and was in town to see her family. She and I haven’t seen each other in 33 years or so. She’s a retired teacher and we have so much in common! It was amazing to hang out with a friend of my parents from my childhood and realize how much we have to talk about.
  • Purchased a 1940s vanity off Craigslist
  • Purchased a 1910 corner cabinet from a local antiques shop
  • Yelled at the dogs to stop yelling at neighbors and passers-by one million times
  • Went to Riverfront Park and took the dogs on a walk. It ended up being a 3 hour tour, as we got lost and many trails were closed due to being flooded OR we ended up dead ended at the Yellowstone River, which is rushing by SUPER fast. We ended up walking at least 4 miles. And the dogs still had energy when we got home!
  • Had cable, internet and phone (landline included free, so why not?) installation set up. Realized before they got here that-duh, I probably need to go get a TV and a phone. Ran out and got back just in time.
  • Went to DMV (not DMV here, it’s like MT Department of Justice or something)
  • Met my neighbor Dan and his dog Paisley. He helped Liam remove both doors into the house and bring in the $40 couch I got from Habitat Restore while I went back to get my tub.
  • Met the mail carrier-Christopher. Christopher was saying hello to Korra and Baloo, and I explained Baloo’s name to him. “Yeah,” he says, “my grandma’s cousin did the voice to Baloo.”
  • Carefully deconstructed/demo-d the bedroom floor. I was careful not to ruin anything in the interest of removing the unwanted. I was rewarded with hardwood floors! I’m 90% confident that they were never exposed before. The floors had two separate types of vintage linoleum

Now I will fall over in exhaustion!

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  1. Jennifer, you are strong. I’m very happy for you, and happy you’re getting a fresh start. You’ve accomplished SO MUCH!! Stay strong, and reach out to me to say hello sometime! You are AWESOME!! 😊

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