Rot Regroup

I am exhausted from the bedroom remodel and then from the daunting task of doing demo just to the cabinet side of my tiny kitchen. My enclosed back porch is sinking on the corner into the yard is completely dry rotted and the whole space is filled with bugs and is less than savory. It’s nice to know what is there, and the room feels huge now that the ugly stuff is taken out. I did half the demo and then called the boy, because I knew he’d enjoy using the sledgehammer. I was right, he loved it.

I was so tired after I instinctively knew that I had better cool it for a day or two and do some relaxing.

Today we took it easy and went to a museum and learned about Billings, walked up and down Montana Avenue taking in the sites, and then went to eat at our favorite place, Sassy Biscuits. When we got home we were both hit with a sudden need to nap, so we did. After our naps we ate corn chips, watched Amelie, and shared a pint of Huckleberry ice cream on the couch.

I truly am in love with Billings so far.

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