Rest Repose: Fortune Friday

Waking up having had enough sleep is a kind of brilliant that perhaps only soldiers and new mothers really truly appreciate on a cellular level. The rest of us say thanks for it but don’t value it the same way because we aren’t as sleep deprived. I’m not either of these valued members of society, but I have to say, I slept 10 hours the night before last, got tired yesterday and then choose to take a nap in the late afternoon for 4 hours, and then just woke up from another good night’s sleep. I feel new.

Writing about my dreams yesterday and exposing that thread made them go away. My last sleep was just sleep, no anxious thoughts were clouding my rest and making me half conscious with worry. What a complete delight that is! Dreamless sleep is not something I usually have. Well, none of us do, really. But I always always remember my dreams, because they make me wake up enough to remember. Last night I just slept.

After I titled this post, I saw that Rest, Repose is the name of a metal band. I think that is a hilarious name for a metal band, but their visual merchandising is very on point. I’m not a metal connoisseur at all, but these guys are actually pretty cool. Some of them look like dads that are just having fun making music.

Fortune is recognizing your blessings, appreciating what you already have, saying thanks. It is proven that gratitude has benefits for mental health and studies are still being done to see if there is enough evidence to say that it improves physical health as well. For me, it has improved everything.

Here’s a research based article to read if you are interested.

And just because I find this fascinating: when I was researching synonyms I found this word that means “the estimation of something as valueless.” Apparently it is esteemed to be one of the longest words in the English language. I certainly find it interesting that in a blog post about the value of sleep I found an loose antonym for the concept of value.


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