Sometimes Swagger is IT: Tribe Tuesday

There is no delicate way to talk about intimate things and be, ahem, delicate. It would probably be easier to just avoid the subject. I will just be honest, part of wanting to date people is, well, wanting to be…intimate.

I’m 48 and healthy and done making babies and this is normal.

I spent my day stuck in a HR meeting learning about all the ins and outs of my new district. I paid attention 99.9% of the time. But I was also aware of the amount of attractive people in the room during breaks. We’re a room of college educated cool teachers, why not pay attention to the field?


It is truly embarrassing to admit this, but it is also my truth. It would be silly to not talk about it, or to acknowledge what being single does to one’s libido. There is nothing wrong with taking care of…what we have to take care of.

I’m mincing words simply because I’m not trying to write a raunchy novel here. I did that already, remember? I mean, buy my book if you want more of my R rated thinking. And my book is really more PG, maybe PG 13. It will set you back a whole .99. I have made no money on it yet, funnily enough. But I don’t care. It was fun to write.

I’m doing a little dabbling in talking to people online, which I swore I would NEVER DO AGAIN, but realistically, that is how people meet nowadays. It’s not 1996 anymore. In some ways, that kinda sucks, and in other ways it’s a big relief. I can pre-screen people this way and it saves time.

I watched this hilarious movie on Netflix called “Always be my Maybe,” and well, this scene is AMAZING, and basically shows in video and in sound (I love this song by AWOLNATION) what it’s like to be dating someone that rocks your socks.

One day my Keanu is going to show up. And maybe it will be set to song and everyone will stare at them.

Enjoy. You’re welcome.

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