Wild Card Wednesday: Movie review

Burn Your Maps

This movie messed things up inside my heart. The 3rd grade boy in the US believes in his heart that he is Mongolian. He knows this to be true.

He, his older sister and his parents have experienced deep loss-an infant child/sibling gone at 6 months. The parents are drifting away toward divorce.

But the boy is who he is. He believes deeply and knows he is a Mongolian boy. In a choice of pure love his mother takes him and a filmmaker friend with her and her son to Mongolia.

They heal so many wounds over the course of the trip that they become new. A shaman helps the mother heal by bringing the truth to light.

I’m cryptic to make this not give away the movie.

All I can say is that this is a movie about transformation and it may make you feel transformed to watch it.

I’m salted by tears. This was powerful.

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