Borrowing Faith: Meditation Monday

A wise pastor friend said in church yesterday,

“Borrow Faith when yours has gone missing.”

-Angie Dornisch

She talked about how at times we might be struggling with faith, for a whole host of reasons, but to not let that get us into a bad space and go down the deep spiral away from the love of God, from the connections to be made within a faith community. Instead, borrow it.

This is the same idea as “fake it until you make it,” which really just means “do the best you can until you become a master at it.” So many of the coaches, entrepreneurs and experts I have been reading about talk about this practice. The practice of working toward the next big transformative stage in a faith journey is easily translated to the steps of toward a goal of any kind.

My kitchen used to look like this.
I need to let that sink in.

I had to stop to pause and reflect on my own journey so far this weekend. I have been busting my ass, as my readers are full aware. But it hit me like a deep sadness that I have been in Montana as a resident now for four months and I have taken one hike. I know only a few restaurants. I don’t know the inside of a single craft store. I haven’t been to Scheel’s, the huge sporting goods store that has a ferris wheel inside of it. I have not ridden my bike a single time.

Sometimes being so caught up in the hustle of working toward a goal can make that goal seem impossible. It’s where those that are losing faith start to falter. We can get caught in thoughts like “It’s too hard. It can’t be done. I’m no good at it, or it would be done already. I’m too fat/poor/dumb/old/tired/busy/on deadline to do _______ the best.”

Loves. Nothing has to be THE BEST. It just has to be your best. And shockingly, sometimes done is better than your best.

If you struggle to find your WHY, whether it is the connection to a higher power, or bringing more wealth into your life so that you can share it with the world in a meaningful way, or doing work that lights you up and makes you excited because it contributes beautifully to your life’s purpose, remember that just starting is the transformative act that will get you where you need to go.

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