Sunday Full of Grace: Details

I have no idea why these spectacular floors were covered in three layers of linoleum and then carpeting, but they were. I thought that over and over this afternoon. But then, as I was peeling this away and knowing that there was hidden treasure underneath, I know why. SO I COULD FIND IT.

Life, and old houses, is complex. A friend that is remodeling her 150 year old house told me as I was panicking about the bathroom, that “old houses are mysterious,” and that was a lovely thing to hear. My love keeps asking me, “do you really want to keep doing this by yourself?!” and the answer is, yes, yes, a big resounding YES.

I love getting to know Lucy. I love revealing her layers and helping her shine. She is so stately and made of such strong materials. The years of sheer neglect did not ruin who she really is. The floors in the living room are spectacular, and all the linoleum I took up was incredible. I’m stunned by the craftsmanship of the old linoleum. Once I get all the rooms done, I will take time to make a large art piece of all the layers I have recovered.

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