Sunday Full of Grace: Lists

A short list of things I have learned about myself this week:

  • I make amazing food, with no recipes, and from whatever I have in my kitchen. It’s one of my #superpowers.
  • My breath slows down immensely when I am at home. This is new, this calm.
  • My students make me feel good just by being themselves. I love them.
  • I’m gloriously happy with a cup of herbal tea, my books, journal, pets, music/movie and my warm heater.
  • I don’t need to be in a love relationship.
  • The realization that someone has been lying to me sends shockwaves through my body starting in my gut, and flares out through my skin. It feels like I’m shedding a layer from the inside. It’s a massive betrayal, and inexcusable.
  • Being around people that have a similar worldview to me is a massive de-stresser and WHO MY TRIBE IS. I love all humans, truly. However, I feel most at home with the gypsy artist environmentalist progressive bohemians. I went to a new restaurant (5 on Black) this weekend and they had a recycle station and a compost station. That is exceptionally rare in Montana. I almost started crying.
Mulder really loves me. I am going to let him. <3

A short list of things I will take into 2020:

  • My faith
  • Loyalty
  • JOY
  • My ability to ALWAYS find a solution to a problem, like a scientist.
  • Family and Friends
  • Creativity
  • Enthusiasm
  • Adventure
  • Alchemy
  • Love
  • My amazing dog, Korra. Ok, the cats can come, too.
  • And a few pairs of boots
Clear eyed, clear minded

A short list of things I will leave in 2019

  • Online dating
  • Changing anything about myself for someone else
  • Apologizing for myself
  • Building up stories about other people in my head
  • Grudges, anger, frustrations about past relationships
  • Self-destructive choices


  1. You are truly an amazing soul! I’m so proud of the way you have been fine tuning and progressing yourself as well as learning to love yourself first. You are a true inspiration!

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