Checking My Privilege

My life, our lives, the country’s life, human life…lately our world has been nothing short of tumultuous transformation. We are living inside the Tower Tarot. From death tolls reported from Covid_19 to civil unrest over the death of black Americans, to some small sparks of hope and change…it has been history in the making.

I have been thinking a lot about my perspective as a middle-class white cis woman and how that influences how I see the world. Specifically, I have been thinking about my work in women’s self-improvement and women’s transformation. I write to a largely female identifying audience. The work women do to become self-actualized is important and my driving force around what I consume, what I read, what I surround myself with.

Except, I haven’t been really. I haven’t been listening enough to black, indigenous, and women of color. Sure, I have books I own and blogs and social media that I follow of black women and women of color, but it has been less than 20% of what I read. A measly amount. I have to admit that I have been writing and learning in my tiny bubble of white woman feminism and it’s not ok.

So I have been quiet lately, absorbing, thinking, reading. I’ve posted some things on social media that I’ve read from black women and men, and of activists I have been following and some that I just started following.

I am regrouping, and that is perfectly appropriate. I am humbled, embarrassed, quiet. I promise to learn, and to write from an intersectional feminist perspective in the future. I have been 100% guilty of sliding back into my comfy whitewashed world when things are hard. And that is just not okay.

For my readers that are just starting to become more aware, let me please assure you that your challenges and hardships are real, of course. So have mine been. But as a white woman, I know my hardships have not been hard because of my skin color. There are so many privileges that I live with every single day that society has granted me simply because of my race.

That ship has sailed, friends. It’s past time to start reparations. #blacklivesmatter

It is time to recognize the stories of all women.

Please accept my apology and my commitment to being aware of the stories of all female-identifying people.

I love you, Namaste.

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