Sunday Full of Grace 8/30

Oh God, you’re sneaky.

I watched the video sermon from my church this morning. I haven’t watched many of the video services because they make me sad to not be in person. I know, lame excuse, but true.

It was all about expectations and disappointment. How God’s plan for us is not visible to us, and when our plans go awry we may blame or have disappointment. It was also about shame and shame about choices or the way our life has gone.

I just need to give it all up. Remember my faith. And live this life moment to moment. Yeah. That’s really hard.

I woke up this morning from having a non-stop night of meaning filled dreams. Many people from the other side were in my dreams. My grandma Vivian showed up. My co-worker Karen Short called me on the phone.

Sneaky God was trying to get me to pay attention to what matters, and to have faith. Both Vivian and Karen were women of deep faith. They were my role models.

So when I got up, after sleeping in, I knew I needed some prayer time. And God delivered.

If you want to hear the sermon, here it is.

I’m going to try to manage my disappointment from expectations this week.


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