4 PM on some idle Tuesday: 21/180

The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that
never crossed your worried mind

the kind that blindside you at 4pm on some idle Tuesday

This song has always been really inspirational to me. It reminds me that the things we trouble ourselves with and freak out about are not really the things that are “real troubles.” My mom had songs she dedicated to me and my siblings when we were born, songs she listened to when we were in the womb still. I did the same tradition, and this song, The “Speech Song,” like I used to call it, was Liam’s. It fits the journey of raising him, a journey that takes a lot of side trails and splinters off where ever it seems to want to go.

Everyone is okay. Don’t let my tone make you worry. I’m just pensive.

We’ve learned about plant pollination the last two days. Today was our experiment, dipping our pipe cleaner “bees” into cups of “pollen” (cinnamon and corn meal) to demonstrate how plants need pollen from other plants to be fertilized. It’s a 3rd grade standard, from Mystery Science, called “The Power of Flowers.” My jr. practicum student started today, and that was amazing, too. She helped me so SO MUCH! I can tell she’s a natural. I didn’t have to direct her at all on how to interact with students and what to look for. It’s obvious she’s spent all of her adult life so far with children. I’m excited for her.

Lunch break in the library


It’s important to have yummy lunches. Don’t pack yourself crappy leftovers. Put effort in to nourishing yourself, because you need it.

It’s important to drink water.

It’s important to remember to go to the bathroom at lunch time. (TMI: I have to go from 8-12 without a break…and I’m usually very ready. I used to have way more bathroom stamina.)

It’s important to sleep.

It’s important to exercise.

It’s important to tell the people you love that you love them.

It’s important to leave the grading for…when you feel like it… and never before.

All of the life uncertainty and Covidlandia craziness, it is more imperative than EVER to do the things that help you to feel human.

Maybe normal for you is reading a novel or getting a massage (in a safe way). Maybe it’s hiring a person to come clean your house once every other week. Maybe it’s making sure your coffee pot is ready to go every night before you go to bed. (This is one of mine, I love pressing the button and going to do my other tasks.) Maybe it’s washing your sheets more often and sinking down into that warm loveliness that is your own bed. Find the little things that are really huge for you, and give them to yourself.

I got my run in today, my form of self care.

I love you. And I know this is hard. But you can do hard things.

We can all do hard things.


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