Thankful Thursday: Radiate Positivity, 23/180

What can we do but stay positive? There is so much to push us down right now. Perhaps in other times/months/years we could whine about the little things and get caught up in the stuff that doesn’t matter. Perhaps in a year not quite like this one we’d have so much less stamina for hard things that our current selves would look back upon us whiny or ungrateful.

Remember those times we could just go out and do things? It was so long ago, yet it is such a part of us that we ache for the loss.

So…I’m on the thankful train and I mean it.

I’m working on radiating the positivity. I heard this song on Tik Tok the other day and remembered how much I love this era of music. So I’ve been playing R&B and Soul for my students this week. When I told my students it was Bill Withers, and that I was reminded how much I love this song from a Tik Tok, you should have seen their faces.

This video is hilarious, and he’s obviously lip synching to himself.

“Ms. Fogerty! YOU’RE ON TIK TOK?”

“Yes. I am. But I don’t post anything, I just watch.”

Oh they laughed.

If you haven’t gone over there yet…it’s a pretty radical wild west kind of place still. It hasn’t been turned into an algorithm machine yet…or it’s not so finessed as to be really irritating yet. I love it. It’s just pure entertainment and it’s got a lot of politics and a lot of “deal with it,” too. I LOVE the diversity of ideas and races and thoughts and people and Queer and BLM love. Maybe you’ll like it.

This could be a 2020 theme song.

I love y’all.

We got this.


Today we had a meeting about how our Covid procedures and safety protocols are going to get even tighter. Buckle up, friends. Buckle up.

We have to have our plans for the following week DONE on Friday before we leave, starting next Friday. So I’m going to be planning the week ahead the weekend before. I have to say…it’s actually helping me get shit done to be more strict with my time and purposeful in how I plan. So I’m down with this.

If this Covidlandia shit is teaching us anything it’s how to be scrappier. How to #pushthrough and #bestrong and #bustyourass.

Plan for the best.

Don’t let the haters win.


Pray for a liberal replacement for RBG.

SAY HER NAME. SAY HER NAME. Don’t take Breonna’s killers getting away with murder sitting down. PLEASE SAY SOMETHING. WRITE KENTUCKY LEGISLATORS.


And please please take care of yourself.


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