Oh, hello pain…

This is not something I was prepared for. I would have expected to feel the pain immediately after surgery. I have been doing really well pain wise until last night. Now nerve pain has been surging through my breast, arm, chest, armpit for around the last 12 hours. I chose not to wear my compression bra and got better sleep for a few hours, but when I was having lightning shocks of pain surge through my breast and arm I had to get up and put it back on again.

It hurts like hell. I feel like the nerves are waking up and soon they will be debilitating, like other nerve pain issues I’ve experienced.

Welcome to the suck.

It is also very cold. But at least that’s kind of a cozy thing. I have to go get Korra in a bit, and I’ll have to get my truck ready. I will take it slow and easy. I’m not allowed to do any repetitive motions, and I should have asked Jess to clear off my truck before he left to get the boys this morning. I’ll use my left arm.

Reading and watching movies about the wellness connection to cancer is a.) what I’ve already known forever for having such a smart mother that has been talking about toxins and healthy food for my entire lifetime, and b.) makes me wonder why I got cancer in the first place. WHY did my body make cancer cells that created a cancerous tumor?

I am not my skinniest now. I am overweight likely from eating too many processed foods including sugars in my diet. My vanilla coffee creamer is bad news for me, and I knew it every time I drank it. Drinking beer is a high on the list of estrogen receptive inflammatory foods. However, If you know me, you know I’m always always eating vegetables. I rarely eat red meat. I drink homemade smoothies made from whole fruit/veg often. I am extremely toxin cautious.

However, I have never used deodorant that is aluminum free. I didn’t realize that shaving and then putting on deodorant with aluminum is basically making a perfect absorption point for that toxin to enter your body. I threw it away, and I asked Jess to buy me a natural deodorant.

What the hell? Why is it okay to sell people products that can kill them, from food to hygiene? I’m frustrated. I’m also ok. I’m taking it one moment at a time.

The last film I watched is called “The C Word” and it’s on Netflix. Highly recommended.


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