Heavy Revival

I was in Oregon to see my kids two days ago.

Everything about seeing my kids was beautiful.

Other things were not. The loneliness I felt for not being of a place that used to be my place ran so deep it felt sharp.

I wanted to leave as soon as the the pain showed up.

I had already paid for all my Air B and B stays, so I had to…stay.

I had to live and breathe and be…through the pain and the joy, both too painful to handle.

I watched a video from America’s Got Talent with Nightbirde. It shook me loose.

Not only because she’s fighting cancer like I am, but because she bares her soul.

Behind the video for Nightbirde was this incredible song by Joy Oladokun. Joy is INCREDIBLE. She’s this generation’s Tracy Chapman. No, I didn’t invent that saying.

Enjoy. Let these women sing the truth to your soul.

There is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING superficial about either of them.

Their work stands for itself.

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