All I have wanted to do since Covid lockdown and George Floyd being murdered and all the collective unrest and insanity of the last 18+months is listen to music from the 90s. The subversive political vibe is basically what I need.





The first video is the Beastie Boys on David Letterman in `94, and it’s intense and more visceral than the produced music video for obvious reasons.

It is not surprising that I am listening to this today. Actually, I’m listening to my Coyoacan mix from 2018, which starts off hard with Beck’s Loser. I remember walking through the piss stained streets of Mexico City listening to this.

I’m in a mood if you haven’t guessed.

It’s day 6 of school. Day 6. And I feel like I’m going to have to be America’s Top Teacher every single day.

I thought this year was going to be…easier.

Oh Jen, you’re so funny!

I came home and mowed.

I ate some tortilla chips.

I had a beer.

I’m sitting outside watching the sprinkler while I write this.

I think I’ve finally figured something really important out.

SERIOUSLY. Really, I mean it. I’ve figured something big out.

Don’t postpone joy. Don’t postpone relaxing, having fun, being in the flow, smelling the roses.

Because I promise you there is always work to do and things to accomplish and things to cross off the list.

I’m ready for a little joy. Aren’t you?

Today the joy is having a badass battery powered mower.

Today the joy is watching my dog play in the yard.

Today the joy is I got a decent night of sleep.

Today the joy is new glasses.

I’m digging it.


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