Bloom where you are planted

I came home today and realized how truly happy my front yard plants make me. Lucy was just beaming with delight at her gardens.

The sunflowers of multiple varieties and zinnias were all planted by seed. This is the most productive sunflower bed I’ve planted since I did the school garden project in Creswell. It makes me remember my peeps. Holla, Creswell!!

The houses all around me are in various stages of disarray and neglect. And Lucy isn’t perfect. But WOWIE wow wow, she is currently putting on a show.

We all need to bloom where we are planted. And if we can’t bloom there, we need to move to another area, one that gives us more sun or less sun or more acidic soil or less nitrogen.

Whatever it is that your plant (body) needs, it’s your job to get it, ask for it, borrow it, buy it, share it.

I’m just here sharing some dirt and sun with my home and garden. We’re not lush but we’re healthy.


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