Organized Chaos

My coworker texted me today at 6 pm to say “I hope to God you’re not still at work.”

I sent her this desk selfie.

I wasn’t just being an overworking zealot. I was looking at data and my behavior records to make some decisions about how I want to roll next week.

The most important thing I spent my time doing, besides making new tidy anchor charts with addition strategies and looking at my testing data from this week, was to redo my seating chart. Whenever we do this we have to keep good records because…covidlandia makes everything harder.

I also only had my mask off because the only people in the building were me and the night janitor. I managed to finish the necessary jobs before he left and we walked out together.

I got to come home to this

Yes, I need to weed my sidewalk. Haha

And after I hung out with my dog and cats for a bit, I got to go watch In The Heights for the first time with Rainbow Coffee House kids. I cried my eyes out. It was so good.

No more foreboding joy or putting off amazing experiences.

I’m living them all, NOW.


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