The sounds of children talking and goofing around.

The excessive bark of my dogs.

The misfires in communication with people I work with.

I feel something, but I don’t know what I feel.

Even in silence my ears ring. Like after you throw a large gathering in your home, and then people leave. Or after a concert. Or after scuba diving in the sea.

My ears ring because life has been amplified and the sound is never turned down.

Even energy has sound. The rush of making eye contact with someone unexpectedly. Watching a tree bend in the wind from inside the house. Noticing your toenails inside your socks.

It’s hard to explain how those things have a sound when they are soundless. Perhaps visualizing it like a soundwave on a stereo mixer with the headphone jack inserted. Sound is going into the headphones but you can’t hear it. You can see the sound on the equalizer. You simply know it is there, creating soundwaves. Yeah, like that.

Yoga is saving my life.

Busyness and activity aren’t problems unless they’re problems.

I do like what I have filled my life with. But that said, I am…considering. Considering, considering.

What would my life look like if____________?

This is the question I ask myself.

I can’t hear the answers until the sound gets turned town.

Maybe some answers are in the static.


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