Recipe for the Broken Hearted

This is a journal entry from 10.18.2019. It was the first year anniversary of my seizure/panic attack. I’ve been thinking a lot about how stress and emotional pain manifest in the body. So I thought I would share this little snippet. I don’t think it’s going in my book, but I have a crush on this passage.

“I wish I could say I had a recipe to share with the broken hearted, a recipe to keep us from pain and help us heal. But the mix would be wrong and the measurements off, because every human’s story is different. There’s a lot of turmeric and garlic in my recipe. And so the turmeric and garlic people connect with me based on common ingredients. The squid ink pasta people and I are likely not going to be able to hear each other’s hearts, because we are in entirely different kitchens.” 10.18.19

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