Free Sunday Tarot from Jen

Which pile is calling you? Breathe…and choose. 

I was not intending on doing a love reading today, but the cards had other ideas!

Left: Fall, Three of Cups, Page of Cups, Ten of Cups, Knight of Cups

Well, not gonna lie…the first thing I felt when I saw this collection of cards was, “well, someone is gonna fall in love, is in love, or is getting engaged/married.” Some movement is happening in the fall, or did happen in fall. You’re on a Love Bus. It’s all feelings and feelings and love and love over here. You’ve got your BFFs partying with you, the Knight bringing you a cup, the Page bringing you a cup-then you have a big party and drink all the cups. You’re blissed out and filled up, honey. I got nothin to say but Congratulations! 

Center: Raven, The Chariot, The Queen of Cups, Six of Wands, Ace of Wands

Raven transports you through your darkest times and back into the light. With swiftness the chariot has appeared, helmed by someone that has always been a guide for you, or is a new one showing up just when you need a helping hand. You are awash with powerful support and your own inner guidance system. There is movement and change afoot. The sensitivity of your Queen guide helps you to feel all the associated feelings. You have accomplished many incredible things. Sit and look at them, with your bosom friend, and just…let it sink in. 

Right: Love, The Moon, The Fool, Queen of Swords, Ten of Wands

You’re in the glow of something new. Perhaps it’s a new lover, or a new job, or a new baby. You’re in the honeymoon, adoring and blissed out. You are captivated by this energy and feel wrapped up in the intoxicating bubble of it all. Outside the bubble, Queenie is waiting to remind you that everyone’s shit stinks. She doesn’t want to scare you or rob your joy. But she definitely wants you to remember how much work you have done on YOU and that you are the actual love of your life. Love YOU first. Then give your energy to that sexy new boo, glorious new job, or adorable baby. 

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Decks Used: Phantomwise Tarot, Synchronicity Oracle, Modern Witch Tarot

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