Free Sunday Tarot from Jen

Look at the three piles. Breathe. Contemplate which one is tugging at you.
That is your pile. Scroll to see your tarot reading. 

I am obsessed with my new Tarot space.

Left: Cobra, A Fierce Desert Flower, Six of Cups, Judgement

Like the prickly cactus, you are a being of complexity. You are in a moment of creative learning. You seek to know. To know everything. Something about this season you are going through makes you feel a little picked on. You are being given the challenges you need to learn from in order to move into your next way of being. The wisdom of the six of cups is guiding you to use your reservoirs of love and nostalgia to nurture you while you are here. 



Center: Hawk, In the Land of the Vanished, Death, Four of Swords

Spirit is spicy today. With no doubt, you are to let this cycle end. It has been divinely intervened. Take the alchemical essence of the lesson, and walk away. In front of you is the warmth of a glorious sun.  Rest in the warmth of this new space. You are protected and held here. Let yourself integrate all you experienced. Sleep, cry, journal. You are the protagonist of your story. 



Right: Dolphin, You are a Multitude, Three of Coins, Six of Coins

Dolphin is a deeply spiritual healer. You create energy around you that lets others feel freer. Spirit has shown UP today, with the subtlety of a slap to the face. Your instructions are to be guided by spirit. Cultivate your intuition. Develop your mind/body/soul connection at a deeper level. You’re being asked to stop asking why anything is, and to just be. -I KNOW.- But really. Try it a little. 



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Decks used: 

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle

The Cantigee Oracle

The Scorpio Sea Tarot

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