Whole Hearted Sunday Tarot

Hello beautiful souls! Please breathe and focus on the cards. Feel which pile is calling you. And choose. 


Left: Passage (six of arrows/swords), I am Grateful, The Emperor, Cerberus

You are on the journey. You have left one way of life and are entering a new cycle. Spirit asks you to maintain your boundaries and stability while you experience all the changes. Continue an active gratitude practice as a way of healing yourself daily. 


Center: Daughter of horns (cups), I am Spontaneous, Knight of Wands, Harpy

You have a well of emotion and empathy for your people. You are being held by spirit and reminded that things are moving quickly. In this space remember that your needs are important, too, and selflessness is not an ideal. Love you first, and then love those around you. This is not selfish, and with someone as giving as you, you might need to write this on a post-it on your bathroom mirror. .


Right: Equilibrium (2 of roots/coins), I am Empathetic, The Lovers, Hades

You have entered a new relationship or project. The past is still riding along with you, reminding you of your personal histories and experiences. Sometimes that shows up as pain for you, so take this as encouragement to heal what needs to be released. You have the duality of beginning and ending energy here, with the guidance of your own empathy. The oracle deck said this about “I am Empathetic” and I need to share it with you. “The origin of the word empathy means to ‘feel inside’” which is to say, come to the perspective of others. As you are finding your balance in this new happy relationship or project, what can you accept and/or let go of with empathy?

Decks Used: Deep, Dark, and Dangerous Oracle, Portraits of a Woman Aspects of a Goddess Oracle, The Brady Tarot, Crow Tarot

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