Self-Trust: Sunday Tarot 3-26-23

Welcome to the season of new beginnings, the fire in Aries’ heart, and a warm embrace. Breathe. Meditate on the cards. And choose. 



Left: Ten of Pentacles, Yes (Just say yes), The Empress, Kairos

You’re like, happy. You’re on the throne, glorious in your fertile financial situation, your love, your patience. In this season you are in you’re just living in the present moment, smiling. This is some powerful manifesting energy that has manifested. You probably have been waiting for this type of peace for a long time. This is wonderful, love. Soak it up. 

Center: The Hierophant, Get Grounded (Empaths. Highly sensitives. Connect with Nature), The Fool, The Mask

You are embodying the paradox of freedom and individualism within structures and systems. I suspect everywhere you go you are noticing the push/pull of this energetic cycle you are in. It is extremely important for you to find a way to connect to your highest self; perhaps through meditation, yoga, stillness, mindfulness. You seem to be trying on different ways of being and you don’t know which way to go yet. 

Right: Two of Pentacles, Pillar of Light (Your vibration is rising. You are the oracle.), The Sun, The Mother

You are working with trust in your abilities as a healer or an empath. Or, perhaps you are doubting your knowing because you’re listening to the negative stories in your head. And yet, you are filled with powerful energies of intuition and inner guidance. It surprises you how often you just KNOW, and spirit seems to be telling you it’s time to trust yourself some more. Believe in yourself. You got this. 

Decks Used: Guardian of the Night, Wild Unknown Archetypes, Work Your Light Oracle 

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