Sunday Tarot 4.2.23

Pause and look at the three piles of cards. Which one is calling to you?

Breathe, and choose.



Left: The Juniper Caduceus, Roots, Ace of Swords, Maturity (Ace of Pentacles)

You are being guided to pay attention to the things that create stability and wealth in your life. Perhaps it’s time to talk to a financial planner, or maybe just…do your taxes on time. What do you want to put in place for the next nine months of 2023 that will set you up for even more abundance in 2024? How can you use this powerful energy from Spirit to manifest abundance in all of its forms? You are both rooted and active.



Center: Guided by Polaris, Night Vision, Page of Coins, Awareness (The Chariot)

You do not need to see the net below you to jump. I know, you think you do. You are guided by the brightest star in the sky, able to see without using your eyes, and you are following what your intuition guides you to. Whatever it is that you are most passionate about is where to put your energy right now. You might not see how it will happen, but you know what you want to happen. Yeah, it’s scary. Hold the image of what you want tightly. And Jump. 

Right: Roots Grow from Your Feet, Spring, The Emperor, Past Lives

You look at the horizon and want to go, and spirit asks you to know who, what and where you are first. Take stock. Look under things you’ve set aside in your psyche, hoping they will stay asleep forever. The Emperor has helped you establish yourself and create the necessary boundaries required to be successful. Spring is here and you have the blessing to forge a new path. Thank the people that stood with you while you fall apart and built yourself up again. Pack only what you need, and take the next step. 

Decks Used: 

The Cantigee Oracle

Synchronicity Oracle

The Scorpio Sea Tarot

Osho Zen Tarot

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