Ephemera Tarot Debut! 4/23/23

This is an extremely proud moment for me, as today I am using my first Tarot deck to do this reading. 

Ephemera Tarot by Jennifer Fogerty is out in the world! 

This version of my deck does not come with a guidebook, and that makes me sad. It was just not financially feasible to do at this time. AND, I plan to do another release of it with one. You can find my deck for sale on my Etsy store, Jenny and Lucy.

Decks used today: The Wild Elemental Oracle, *The Alleyman’s Tarot, The Naked Heart Tarot, Ephemera Tarot by Me!

Look at the stacks. Breathe. And choose. 

Left: Tiger, Ace of Disks, Strength, Eight of Pentacles, Five of Swords

There is a big cat featured in three out of five of your cards. You are bringing some fire right now, baby. It is a nourishing time. Compost what doesn’t work for you, mostly all that doubt you have from having failures in your past. We all have failures. Right now you are grounded AF and have messages of courage, strength and possibility awaiting you. Remember that coins represent foundations as well as material things. How are you setting yourself up internally and externally to be your best self? 

Center: Seal, The Magician, Ace of Swords, Three of Cups, Two of Pentacles

Your dreams are probably potent and lucid at this time. Creativity is pouring out of you, and you have the best humans you love with you as you show your brilliance with the world. Staying flexible as your creative pursuits are released for others to see is key. It is not our job to guide how others see our work. Once it is out there it becomes its own thing. Let that release happen. 

Right: Heron, The House of God (Tower), The High Priestess, The Fool, Ten of Wands, Seven of Pentacles (*Spirit gave you an extra Naked Heart card)

When it all comes apart, what do you tell yourself? Do you recognize it as just a moment in your life, or do you fixate? As you experience the coming apart, whether it small or large, remember that you have weathered all of your hardest moments already. You know how to do this. Your intuition and faith in yourself create the brave container you need to sustain you through this trial. Acknowledge all you have already accomplished in your life. Let yourself put your burdens down and stop for a drink of water and to smell the roses. It is not as bleak as it seems right now. Go take a nap. 

(*incredible collected tarot featuring hundreds of artists. It is not a standard deck and has more than 200 cards in it.)

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