Brace Yourself: Here comes a Lunar Eclipse in the Full Scorpio Moon

Prepare for the full moon and lunar eclipse in Scorpio 5/4/23. May the Fourth be with You. 

All kidding aside, the Scorpio Full Moon reminds us that we can’t hide from our emotions. Things go deep and we feel them. If you have prominent Scorpio in your chart like I do, well, you’re used to this intensity and thrive on it. No matter what placements you have, this lunation and eclipse is sure to bring stuff up. Get some sleep. Drink water. Accept tears as baptism into your transformation.

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Breathe. And choose a pile.

Left: Nine, Full Moon in Cancer (Let your fears Dissolve), Risk, The Star, Death, Ten of Cups

You can do hard things. You have the wisdom and the strength to do what needs to be done. You’ve gone through this cycle pretty quickly, and you might be adjusting to the transformation as best as you can. It can be hard to watch something you cared so deeply about go away. You are allowed to be as emotional about this as you need to be, as you transform into your new self. 

Center: Ten, Full Moon in Libra (Find a Balance), Communication, Strength, Four of Swords, Queen of Cups

Wow, honey. Spirit is recognizing your weariness. This is kind of tired that moms and doctors and first responders know well. Your heart overflows with love for those in your life, but you want to sleep so badly you might cry about it. Spirit is calling you to use your strength and ask for what you need. You cannot love your people from an empty cup. Ask for what you want, what you need, and how you need it in as clear and direct terms as you want. Lay your head down. You have worked hard. Everyone is fine.

Right: Thirty, New Moon in Libra (Know you are Loved), Ghosts, The Fool, Six of Pentacles, Six of Cups

Love is swirling around you in meaningful ways. You have two sixes here that represent union, nostalgia, love, soul bond. The messages of the Fool and the 3 (30) are to jump into the unknown not knowing where you will land and what will be there when you do, because you are fortified. The Crows remind you to take the energy of the Scorpio Full Moon and let what gets excavated in your emotions this week be allowed to walk with you a moment. You are not meant to integrate these ghosts back into your life, simply thank them like Marie Kondo says, and then let them go. 

Decks Used: Moonology Oracle, Urban Crow Oracle, Ephemera Tarot

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