Reading Rocks


I have been hired to be the Education Foundation for Billings Public School’s Reading Rocks Program Coordinator. This is my summer gig! I’m charged with helping the program grow and evolve. My job is to put books in the hands of community youth, and get volunteers to read to them. The program runs M-Th from June 12-July 20.

I plan to bring some exciting and new literacy projects to this program, from theme weeks with literature and dramatic performance, writing poetry, publishing small books with children and more. If you know me, you know I like books. I am excited to share my love of reading and books with our community. If you have any interest in volunteering to read or perform a book, storytelling, musical performance with books, and more, please let me know! Also…who can catch the difference in these two pics besides the fact that I’m making a goofy face? I had to give my favorite Blume more space.


  1. I’d love to read a book! 📖 maybe I can think do something more fun, but read for sure!

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