Tarot of Right Now

Decks used: The Modern Witch Tarot, Brady Tarot, The Wild & Sacred Feminine Oracle Deck

Breathe. And Choose.

Left: Horse (Freedom), Two of Roots (Equilibrium), Eight of Roots (Discipline), The Devil, Queen of Cups

You are being asked to find balance in all areas of your life. Something is a bit out of sync, and it’s taking a lot of your energy. One part of life can’t be your only focus, whether it be work, relationships, or recreation. Let your love and your inner knowing help you find balance again. Love your passions fiercely, finding the balance and boundaries you need to be healthy. 

Center: Kuan Yin (Compassion), Four of Arrows (Withdrawal), The Devil, Ace of Wands, The Emperor

There has been a situation that calls for your ability to give mercy to yourself or to others, while also thinking before you react. You had some strong feelings about this event, which is understandable. The Devil and the Emperor want to encourage you to learn from this and set boundaries and structures that work for you. You’re on the precipice of jumping into new creative paths,  take what you learned when in the muck to help inform your next endeavor. 

Right: Pearl (Authenticity), Six of Feathers (Victory), Eight of Feathers (Swiftness), Ace of Swords, Ten of Cups

You have worked your butt off and are now experiencing your hard-earned moment of triumph. You are not used to things going your way as much as they are really going your way, and it’s hard to integrate the joy. We are, as a culture, much more used to making a big deal about the bad stuff vs. the good stuff. You have simply arrived at a plateau of happiness and success. Let yourself feel this without foreboding your joy. The cycle always goes around again. Let yourself soak up this love. 

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