Gentle Tarot for Facing Hard Things

“Your joy is your sorrow unmasked.”

-Kahlil Gibran

What will you need to fortify you with Spirit this week? Breathe into your intuitive knowing. And choose. 

Decks used: The Wild Unknown Archetypes, Work Your Light Oracle, The Sacred Web Tarot

Left: The Dead End, Mintakan (Longing for home. Belonging, The Original Lightworkers), Eight of Earth

“Believe in your capacity to endure,” the Sacred Web says. You are in the liminal space. You cannot take a single step further in any direction, rather you must sit with what is coming to you right here. Resist the urge to abandon reason and flee. Sit with what is. You have perhaps already endured searing pain, and you’re waiting for the light. Spirit wants you to know (again, it’s very insistent on this lately) that grief is a long term experience of emotion. Put your body in, near, on, and by bodies of water. Take showers and let your tears flow down your body and wash down the drain. Feel what you feel when you feel it. 

I believe in you. 

Center: The Tear, Lemuria (Creating Heaven on Earth. It’s happening.), Scout of Fire

“Awaken to the potential that lies inside of you,” advises the Sacred Web. There is deep emotional intelligence in the creative fire you have to awaken and nourish. It may very easily create tears for you, push you through more moments of processing grief and loss, while also helping you quite literally…save the world. This is a time where tears come without your conscious mind even knowing they are there until your cheeks are wet. What it is like to look at something beautiful for you now? What kinds of emotions are right on the surface, begging to be released? It’s time to explore. 

Right: The Forest, Deep Replenishment (Retreat. Rest. Be held.), Eight of Fire. 

In the forest you have entered, you are experiencing both excitement and fear. It’s both an incredible adventure and a journey rife with pitfalls and aching feet. There is nothing you need to do but notice what it is like to not know. Your task is to notice, explore, and feel. Your healing will come from allowing yourself the gift of time to spend with your own thoughts. Where do you feel most alive and most at peace? What do you do when you are there? I have had a coach tell me that those are our “magic spells.” Develop a way to activate your own personal magic spells as often as you can. You need that nourishment right now. 

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