One Year Can Change Everything

Today marks one year that I have been reading tarot for you on Sundays. I took my time before reading for you today to reflect on how this has changed me.

Making the commitment to doing a seemingly little innocuous thing of doing a free online reading every Sunday put me squarely where I needed to go to make so many changes.

Doing the weekly tarot got me to spend more time with one of my favorite things, tarot. Shortly after I started, I left a situation-ship that wasn’t meeting my needs. I started teaching English and loved having just your basic basic school year. I didn’t write grants or start new programs at the school or hustle hustle hustle. I just went to work, taught like a boss, and went home. Instead of over-fixating on work, I was able to focus my energies on healing some things that needed healing. This time last year I had just finished the worst school year of my career and taken my cross-country trip into the midwest. I guess I was looking for some meaning with this tarot reading thing. I wanted to connect to you more, I wanted to offer something that was more interactive.

The focused time doing tarot led to me finding more authentic avenues for me in my life. I let some things go, and while that hurt and stung like the Tower does, it transformed my life for the better. I continued writing my memoir, which is taking the time it needs to take. I got stuck and decided to start writing and designing my own tarot deck, so I did. Ephemera Tarot was born in April, and has been selling in my Etsy store. I also participated in two special events where I read tarot to people and sold my deck. The biggest takeaway is that I actually am good at this. I intuitively read tarot, and my intuition is generally spot on. Sure, I say “take what resonates and leave the rest,” but typically it’s not an issue.

I feel a bit inarticulate today. I’ve been doing some major home DIY stuff, trying to maximize storage in my house and so on. I’m tired. AND, I want you to know that choosing to do Sunday Tarot has been a gift for me. I’m so glad I chose to do it.

And no, I’m not stopping. For now. I will continue to see what lights my path.


I invite you to ponder this: what one thing can you start (or stop!) that will make lasting positive change in your life? 

Decks used: The Prenumbra Tarot, The Naked Heart Tarot, The Sacred Web Tarot, Ephemera Tarot (BY ME! Get it here from my Etsy shop! )

Left: Eight of Torches, Movement of Pentacles, The Lovers, Ten of Pentacles

You might have noticed that life has started to speed up. Things are starting to make sense, bills are getting paid, and love is finding you. You have manifested this moment, and spirit wants you to enjoy it. Take time to stop and look around you, to smell the air, feel the ground, listen to the sounds. You made the life you’re in by staying solid in what you wanted. Whether it has taken 10 years or 10 minutes, you have some power there, friend. Take some time to hold that. 

Center: Judgement, Heart of Cups, Five of Fire, Ace of Cups

YES. You are ready to stop being hateful to yourself. You’re ready to stop telling yourself your butt is too big or you don’t have talent. There’s a lot of forgiveness going on here, letting go of past hurt and horrible things that have been said or done to you…a lot of them self-inflicted. The Heart of Cups helps you to heal generational trauma and tap into the most sensitive hidden parts of yourself. Spirit is giving you so many resources to climb this mountain of self-discovery, starting with an open heart full of love. 

Right: Element of Pentacles, Seven of Wands, Eight of Fire, Knight of Pentacle

I could downright giggle. Everything here says “GO AND DO IT.” Spirit wants you to know that you are always at your best when you listen to yourself. Yeah sure, there are going to be people here that think you’re nuts, but you know you are not. Every one of these cards carries with it the message of self-knowledge, self-trust, and faith. That thing you’re not doing, but want to so badly you can taste it? Yeah. It’s time to start. 

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