The Tarot for Holding Space

Left: Three of Wands, The Mirror, Lamb, Alchemical Wedding You have held space for yourself. Your community has held space for you while you’ve been processing a lot of self-reflection and delving deep into previously unseen yet still loud places in your subconscious. You’ve been actively healing. You’ve come to a place where you have done a lot of work. It is time to pause the work for a moment and appreciate how far you have come. Choose a ritual of any kind to mark this occasion. Perhaps you light a candle and write in a journal, spend time naked under the moon, or light a fire in your fire pit. Take that moment to honor what has already been done. 

Center: The Emperor, The Sustainer, Eagle, Resin You are coming from a place of stability and nurturing where you felt safe and deeply loved. You are yearning for change, however. You have been preserving this picture, this place, this experience past its expiration date. You are about to be thrust into the open of transformative Fire and Air, but you are ready for the journey. The love of those that have been here resisting the change still goes with you. You may lose some`ships as you go, but that is the nature of transformation. You are meant to fly. Hold space for those that love you as you also fortify yourself for the wild journey ahead. 

Right: The Magician, The Sword, Elk, Mortification You have grown and are well acquainted with your intuitive powers and your ability to create a safe and welcoming space for yourself and for others. A decision or an opportunity (or both) is here for you to ponder, and no matter which way you choose you are going to be spending some time in the weeds re-hashing feelings and memories. When we grow and evolve our responses and connections to our pain stories shift. Sometimes we need to delve into the underworld again to get a look at what comes up with our new frame of mind. The difference this time is you truly know who you are. You’re not going to be waylaid by lotus eaters or those that seek to take from you rather than help you. The journey is yours. No one can do this work for you. You can ask to be held, and that love will be offered freely.

Decks Used: Kim Krans collection: Wild Unknown Tarot, Archetypes, Animal Spirit, Alchemy What is it that you need to hold space for? Do you need to include others and ask them to hold space for your journey right now? Ponder these thoughts. Breathe and choose. 

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