The Tarot for when You Mess Up

I just found some paper sentimental items that weren’t stored properly due to my own negligence, and much of it was either destroyed or damaged. I spent two hours recovering as much of the photos and journals and art as I could, a collection of at least 30 years of my life, from baby photos of me to ones of my children. I am frustrated, but I recovered enough to not be distraught. I made a smoothie, and then came here to pause. Sometimes we just totally blow it, without meaning to, and we’re always harder on ourselves in these moments than anyone else. So really, this is the Tarot of Grace. It’s gonna be okay. 

Left: Wolf: Mastery, Nine of Swords, Two of Swords You are at war with yourself. Your shadows are creeping on you, and you’re trying to ignore them. You can’t keep shoving them down or you’re going to get sick, or spew your shadows on someone else. Wolf reminds you to take your mastery and give it in service in a way that fulfills your soul’s purpose. This doesn’t mean “do it all for free,” but there is space for you to find your unique philanthropy. Your ugly thoughts will calm down when you find a way to serve others that suits you. 

Center: Queen: Sovereignty, Five of Swords, The World You are finishing a huge chapter of self discovery, and stepping into what you know is true about who you are. Your shadow here is believing you can do way more than is reasonable without asking for help. It can be a trauma response to stubbornly do everything on your own. Open up into a new paradigm: when you let others help you, you let them love you. Accept. Receive. Embrace. 

Right: Mother: Nurturing, Ace of Coins, Knight of Wands Mother energy is the energy of the sacred feminine within ALL of us, regardless of gender or parenting choices. Allow yourself to know in your deepest being the divine within you. This adventure is a blessing in your life, you have the Ace of Coins (my favorite Ace of Coins in all decks, ever!), the Ace of abundance. May you find the abundance inside yourself, which is where is has been, all along.  . .

Decks Used: The Raider-Waite-Smith Tarot, The Wild and Sacred Feminine Oracle Deck, The Scorpio Sea Tarot Deck

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