The Tarot for all the Thinking

I’m just over here, thinking about a lot of stuff. I’m letting ideas percolate.

What ideas are brewing for you? What might you need to hear from sprit along the way?

Breathe, and choose.

Decks used: Phantomwise Tarot, Angels and Ancestors Oracle

Left: Mountains: stand your ground, Three of Wands, Eight of Pentacles

The Universe is giving you a big “YES.” You Are working really extremely hard for something, and you have been for a long time. You’re on the right track, and your skill is being appreciated. We don’t always know how our work has impacted the lives of others. You are seen. Your work is felt. Keep going.

Center: Lady: enjoy growth and reap rewards, Five of Pentacles, Two of Swords

You are at a crossroads. You feel misunderstood and taken for granted. Let me ask you, if you are not understood by those you are putting your trust and your love into, are they the right place to put this energy? You are vibrating at a whole different speed. The Empress/Lady/Goddess here reminds you to remember WHO YOU ARE. Do not sacrifice you.

Right: Magick Guardian: unlock the Magick within, Six of Pentacles, Ten of Swords

You are the answer, plain and simple. You have the power to create the life you want to be living in. You are manifestation. Accept love from yourself. No matter if there are those that may wish to see you fail. You cannot fail yourself. You are in charge of what your life-force does.

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