Solar Return Tarot

Happy Birthday Grandma! Lucile would be something like 115 today. Today’s Tarot is in honor of this badass role model, Montanan, fierce intellect, cancer fighter, pianist, and proud matriarch with a mean streak. I admire you more and more, Grandma, and I wish I could have an adult moment with you because…I have questions. I also had a birthday this week, a Virgo just like my paternal Grandmother. I was celebrated and gently loved, and that is the best of things. Breathe, look at the piles below, and choose.

Decks Used:  Illuminating the Prophecy Tarot, Elemental Power Tarot, Animal Spirit Oracle

Left: The Sun, The Emperor, Cosmic Egg

Your journey has come to a place of harmony. You are evolved and living in the moment with peace. You have done enough healing and growth that you are able to take in this moment and appreciate all you have learned. The Sun and Emperor both bring you FIRE: passion and authority. You are an indelible spirit. Instead of turning that fire outward and giving it to others, light your own dreams up. How can you use fire in your week to sit with this moment of peace? In the minimum, I suggest you contemplate fire’s properties, fuel/heat/air.

Center: Two of Pentacles, Page of Wands, Elk Spirit

Seeing your aspiration to learn and grow, spirit gives you a reminder to follow protocols and build resiliency by taking your time. Practice responding to things when they don’t work out like you had planned. Who are the people that you look up to most in the world? How can their example help you at this time? Find a mentor that can remind you to go deep versus go fast.

Right: The Chariot, Three of Pentacles, Elephant Spirit

DETERMINATION. Wow, when you go, you go hard. You are harnessing the spirit of the elephant. The elephant wants to get things done, there’s nothing stopping this gentle giant from where it wants to go. You’re about to start something, go somewhere, or go in a new direction. You are very eager to learn, absorbing new information like a sponge. There are many blessings to you on this path. Jump, even if you’re scared. Sometimes the fear represents how important it is to us.

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