Freelance Writing and Vitae

I run a business writing for blog content. I can write articles for your website with my byline or yours.

I can custom fit an article to your needs. My rates are reasonable, and I can deliver within 7-10 calendar days.

I have been an educator for over 30 years. I have a BA in Drama Education, an MA in Creativity and Arts Education, and an MA in Education. I am well versed in teaching students with ADHD, Talented and Gifted, and I am a parent of two adults on the Autism spectrum. I have taught preschool, Kindergarten, 3rd grade and 6th grade. I have taught preschool/elementary dance, art from ages 18 months-adult, drama, computers, stop motion animation, book binding, and more.

I can write from my wealth of knowledge! If you have a need for an article, I am happy to write for you!

I typically charge $50 for $500 words if the article is general in nature. Email me at

If you want a custom article, please email me and we will talk about what you need.