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  1. Jenny thank you for sharing. You are so on track about the struggle with yourself and the loneliness. I also find it a struggle to accept myself and my mistakes. Just one day at a time. Teaching children and my Baha’i life help me stay grateful and joyful. Love and hugs.

  2. Love your blog. I’m teaching, too, a former elementary school teacher now at a university teaching in the Dance Department. (Yes, life is long, and has had many twists and turns.) It is so heartening to read your accounts of the teaching day, and to know I am in good company. All the best to you and your students. Love your heart, your vision, your honesty—-

  3. Jen,
    We love you and while we are worried, we know that you will kick cancer to the curb. I’m proud of you for telling us. Thank you for sharing it with us and not keeping us all in the dark. I think that positivity matters and so we believe that you can do anything. Such as gutting an old house and make it your own or kicking cancer to the can. I know it’s tough for you to ask for, and especially accept help. But you can do this too, and I think it will be healing for you. I love you and will be following you on this journey.

    • Thank you so much for being such a light in my life. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have you as my friend and as my pastor. <3

  4. I love you, Jen ❤️ You are often my inspiration for looking inward and knowing I have so much work to do still. I had no idea when we were kids, that we would have so much in common (internally) when we became adults. Thank you for showing me strength, love, acceptance, and self-reflection.
    I know you’ll get through this and I know you’ll have so much more to teach us all as you survive this new challenge.
    I love you 💛

  5. Jennifer, I am so sorry to hear about your latest health challenge ❤ Sending you strength & affirmations for recovery. I know a number of women who have survived this journey successfully, & have faith that you will too!

  6. I’m putting the white lite on you sweet girl. Sending you peace, energy, and buckets o’ love.

  7. This website has a forum with wonderful women survivors (and a few men.) They won’t be mean to you. There is so much information about the different treatments and the different kinds of breast cancer. Wishing you a speedy transformation to a new level of health and well-being.

  8. Jen,
    I’m sorry you’re going through this. I know the journey well. Your pathology report looks remarkably similar to mine.
    Please, let me know if you ever want to talk about my experience or have any questions.
    You are a strong woman! ❤️

  9. I love you, Jen. You’ve got this ❤️ It makes my heart happy that you have such a loving and supportive partner. You deserve that and so much more.
    **It’s ok to not be ok**

  10. Wonderful post decorated with heart-warming emotions. Thank you for sharing such a lovely post! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them 🙏😊

  11. Love your writing … Feeling you … I have a daughter with imbalance … I won’t elaborate but I am there for her through the process. But just like what you said here about expressing your pain and dis ease about it. I am sure you know that Love is all that really matters in this life and thereafter. So pn this night I am sending you some unconditional Love to tell you for that time when anxiety starts to get tge best of you … Take a deep breath … You are going to be Ok … You are going to have better days and the sun is shining on your beautiful spirit.

  12. I can’t tell you how poignant this post is for me right now. 😳 I am watching people very close to me do things that I know are going to haunt them for the rest of their lives. I can see exactly what’s happening, what to do to make things easier for them now AND prevent future heartache. Yet… No matter how hard it is on them, no matter how much I know they will regret later, they will not listen to me or ask for help. They insist on taking the hardest road, putting themselves through the most tremendous pain and I stand here in horror as I watch the train wreck happening inch by terrible inch. 🥺
    I need to take your sage advice and try to learn to let it go. I wish I knew how.

    • It is so hard to let go of trying to save others. All I can offer is to remember that ALL WE CAN CONTROL IS OURSELVES. No matter what, that’s what we’ve got. You can let them know you love them. You can say you’re worried for them, and you will be here for them to celebrate or hold them as needed. I struggle with this with my family of origin, especially. BUT. It’s their lives. All we have is our own story, in the end. <3

  13. I’m so glad my grandkids are being raised in the Bay Area, where their preschool held pride marches and peace parades. My grandson made a sign “equity for all” when he could barely write.

    • It’s such a powerful energy. I miss that energy! I feel like it’s present in Portland, where Piper and their partner live.

  14. I agree – this pandemic has altered teaching forever. I love being a teacher – but I’m glad I only have a few years left. Thanks for your deep, thoughtful writing.

  15. I am intellectually overexcited. I have 4 books on my bedside table, another in Libby, and seven waiting for me at the library. And one coming via Amazon. Never fewer than ten tabs open on my laptop. I am intellectually bingeing most of the time. And sometimes with food too. But that’s another story. You and I are VERY similar. Would love to meet sometime. Namaste

    • I LOVE hearing this, Becky! Yes. It’s a wacky world to be so overexcited about things, but I wouldn’t change it for a second. <3

  16. Give yourself permission to grieve all of the things… This has been a horrific teaching year without a breakup and cancer! Sheesh Jen you are doing great. Take each day…one day at a time. Healing takes time. Give yourself permission to take your time…I felt like my diabetes trauma took me 2 years to be able to begin to feel the “new normal “. My counselor helped too!! Hold on friend!!

  17. Love this. You’re so open and brave. I hate when someone says I’m brave, but I’m not using it as a cliche. To be so vulnerable is only for the brave, not the chickens.

    • I yelled out loud in my house to Brene’ Brown recently. “I’M IN THE GODDAM ARENA. I LIVE THERE.” Then I realized it’s kinda like in Clash of the Titans, when Zeus picks up one of the gods/goddesses/mortals and puts them down in the arena. It’s this whole thing…in the audience watching and then back out into the arena again. Sigh.

  18. I go to Metra RV often for parts. I know just who you are talking about ❤️ Im so glad he bought it. I’m glad you are free.

  19. I’d love to read a book! 📖 maybe I can think do something more fun, but read for sure!

  20. Your first line of the blog is perfect. I’ve never been to Vegas and probably won’t, unless I have a conference to attend LOL

    • Yeah. It’s just way more than my nervous system can handle or should be expected to handle. I got a solo room in the room assignments and I’m grateful. I can just be. I’m going to more bookstores today. Ha!

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