Tarot for Completing 

I graduated from Breathe for Change today. I got my 300 Hour certification, which now I add to my 200 Hour previous certification. So, soon I’ll be 500 RYT. It was a LOT of work. I call what I just did the master’s degree in yoga. In fact, Breathe for Change is now an accredited school where you can earn a Master’s in Education. 

When you complete something huge that took you years to do, well, it’s hard to know what to do. I’m integrating all of these lessons, and I’m just waiting to see how life evolves. If I learned anything from YTT, it’s how to be deeper in my own yoga. 

Try to enjoy where you are right now. This moment doesn’t come again. 

Decks used: Portraits of a Woman (aspects of a Goddess), The Guardian of the Night Tarot, The Phantomwise Tarot

Left: I am Okay, Nine of Wands, The Lovers

Your love relationships need not be perfect to be valuable and soul bonded. You have been giving more than your share and your person will understand you saying what you need. Please stop giving up little parts of yourself to make other people more comfortable. The right people want you to be Okay. 

Center: I am Organic, Temperance, Three of Wands

WOW. Your body and soul are seeking equilibrium. You look out toward your future and you just want calm, or sleep, or peace. You are allowed to ask for those things, better yet, you are allowed to TAKE those things. You must find the balance for yourself. No one else really knows quite what your recipe for inner peace is but you. 

Right: I am Powerful, The Magician, Two of Swords

You are at the crossroads. You’re convinced that you need to choose only one direction or everything will self destruct. The direction you choose is the right direction, don’t you see? The Magician reminds you that your thoughts are magical intuitive spells. Listen to your own voice. 

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