Lucy and I are good to go.

I signed for Lucy yesterday. It was surreal.

I signed for my house in the office of my friend at my current-now outgoing school. I sat there with my swimming suit on under shorts and a tank top and signed papers on a tiny 18″ table. I had just put my wet, soggy and chlorine smelling kindergarteners on the bus moments before.

Nothing about the exchange was awkward or tense…the feeling I’ve had when doing this project with another person. When collaborating with others on purchasing if you’re not careful with your communication you end up just not talking about it at all with each other.

For me, this experience was just ME owning land and a tiny house (Lucy) that belonged to me all along. She has been waiting for me for so long. A rental for at least 2 decades, a service panel from 1940’s electrical code, wallpaper from both the 40s and the 70s, and a kind of stopped in time surreal and charming quality that is basically intoxicating to me.

I am becoming who I was always meant to be. And Lucy reached out and showed me that I can start again, and that I all I learned before from every moment of my life previously just makes this moment what it is. A triumph of will, of love, endurance, grit, humor, hope and a little money (thank God) from my equity on my past house. This is a major victory that releases quite a few trauma demons from my amygdala, that lets me breathe in joy and let it stay there for a few minutes versus a few seconds.

This is my future.

Hat’s off to you, Lucy.


  1. Okay your kitchen sink is to die for! Please keep it as you work to restore Lucy! Have fun with her but please have fun with everything but the kitchen sink! Montana will be a great home to you, my friend!

    • I like the sink, too, but in order to fit my appliances in a correct location (not blocking a doorway like now) I may have to get a smaller one. The kitchen is less than 90 sq ft and has a door on 3 walls and a window on the 4th wall.

      If so it will go to a reuse store! (I like it too.)

  2. I will have to visit and campoutside , maybe next Summer. Lucy is so cute. I love Montana. What city are you in sis?!

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