Tarot at the altar

Hello friends. I love these three decks and have been working with them a lot lately. Synchronicity Oracle, Ephemera Tarot, and Wild Unknown Tarot. Today I’m sharing some extra shots to show you the “behind the scenes.”

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Left: Ready, Temperance, The Hanged Man

You have been weighing all the options and overthinking this choice. You may never be ready if you don’t just choose. Trust yourself, and trust that it is best to make a choice than to torture yourself with endless pros and cons.



Wildness, Nine of Swords, Daughter of Pentacles

You are or have been torturing yourself with constant what ifs and perfectionistic tendencies. It’s come at a cost and you have been experiencing mental anguish. Set it down. Take the initiative to rewild yourself. Do something new. Learn a new skill. Let some adventure in.



Creativity, Page of Swords, Six of Swords

You are actively in pursuit. Things have not always worked out as you planned, but the tide is turning in your favor. This is coming swiftly, breathe and go.

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